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Why Sid
Why SID?

SID has been developed specifically to fill a gap in the market for a flexible, comprehensive and invaluable asset management tool
at an affordable price. Other options available are part of large, unwieldy housing management systems that offer asset management
as an “add-on” and as a result are ineffective and hugely expensive.

SID has been developed by Property Professionals with over 20 years experience in the housing sector to specifically meet the
challenges of managing housing stock. At SID Asset Management, we know the needs of our clients, we understand the regulatory
and financial burdens imposed upon them and have developed SID to ease these burdens and provide real, practical solutions that
will save time and money.

There are many stakeholders in the asset management process and by providing the flexibility and transparency that SID offers,
investment programs can be created that satisfy finance, housing and technical managers whilst ensuring full compliance with
Regulatory requirements.

SID can be updated, amended and reviewed continuously to adapt to changing budgets, priorities and legislation ensuring that, at all
times, the housing stock is managed efficiently and with the interests of the end users paramount.

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