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We have a range of Scottish based Housing Associations
and Local Governement Agencies currently using the
SID Asset Mananagement System on a regular basis.
Case Study Icon JMP Construction & Property Consultants.

JMP had been carrying out stock condition surveys for a number of years across a diverse range of landlords throughout the country. Their processes relied on linking up the use of data capture software provided by one supplier with a data analysis and reporting tool provided by another. Not surprisingly there were compatibility issues

Download the complete client Case Study here. PDF Icon
Case Study Icon Melville Housing Association

Melville Housing Association are a medium sized RSL based in Dalkeith just outside Edinburgh. They have a wide variety of housing stock which they have either acquired or built over a number of years and so have a broad range of conditions, construction types and priorities. Coupled with the regulatory requirements to report on progress towards SHQS compliance....Read More.....

Download the complete client Case Study here. PDF Icon
Case Study Icon Dundee City Council

Like most councils and housing associations Dundee City Council were faced with the problem of dealing with the SHQS requirements, and   for a council with over 13000 homes the problem they faced was huge.  The challenges faced by the council
were similar to all other organisations managing public housing stock.  First of all stakeholders, like the Government, produce new legislation on property owners to meet expected housing standards.  There is therefore a demand for  greater reporting and in particular the drive to reduce....Read More....

.Download the complete client Case Study here. PDF Icon

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